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For the last seventeen years,
our pitch has been to have
the courage to change

Do things differently, make a difference.
This is what drives us.
We are a communications agency, but with the spirit of a consultancy.
We believe that every word has a power. We are a communications hub
that understands trends, people and brands, to make a difference.
We work collaboratively and remote, with qualified professionals
around the world. We make a big impact by designing new styles
of communication and encouraging more sustainable initiatives.


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Brands that make a difference

Janio Alves

General Superintendent
Israelita Brazilian School

“Jazz’s main contribution is the result of the way it immersed itself within our institution. That is what makes it different from all the other agencies we have worked with. They had a symbiotic relationship with Israelita, while remaining objective. As a result, our branding was more genuine reflection and fully aligned with our transformative view of education.”

Djalma de Azevedo

Chief Executive Officer
Azeplast Indústria e Comércio

““Jazz took our brand to the next level. The main difference is that they had a deep strategy understating, before improve our communication. They carried out in depth market research to find the best result for every one of our needs. It was like hiring a communication agency and a marketing consultancy. We have worked with several agencies and Jazz is our choice for our more strategic activities.”

Sidimar Sagaz

Head of Growth Marketing

“Jazz has a very good qualitative sense for understanding customer needs and transmitting these through strategic communication. As a result of their work, we had a unique marketing strategy, which was appreciated by our customers, the public and even by our competitors. The highlights of this, that made all the difference, were their excellent designs, their effective project management and their strategic approach. The company manages to turn briefings, market research, trends and needs into strategic and effective communications projects.”

Diego Hackenhaar

Marketing Coordinator
Rede Buffon

“Jazz joined us at an important time. Our vision was somewhat myopic and they helped us to reposition our company. As well as providing strategic support, Jazz was also instrumental to our operations. They created campaigns and material that produced excellent results. The relationship is also important; when they start working with you, they are fully committed. I could see how much Jazz were concerned about the customers’ issues. They are proactive; they always have suggestions, new ideas and new approaches. I also have to mention, obviously, that the work they do and the material they produce is of the highest quality.”

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Isla Sementes – Editorial Plan for Social Media

Isla Sementes – Editorial Plan for Social Media

The company Isla Sementes is a Brazilian company that has been a pioneer in Latin America in the production, storage and sale of seeds, for over 65 years. Sector: Seed industry for vegetables, flowers, spices, herbs, trees etc. Area of Activity: Latin America...

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Weikki – Brand Redesign and Repositioning

Weikki – Brand Redesign and Repositioning

The company Weikki is a manufacturer of uniforms and PPE industry that has been operating for over 26 years and produces products with a distinctive design that is comfortable and provides good protection. Sector: Uniform and PPE industry Area of Activity: Nationwide...

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Origem – Brand Design

Origem – Brand Design

The company The Origem Coffee Co. is a coffee shop in Porto Alegre, which is marketed as a cozy place to experience a range of special coffees. It is an informal place where they encourage customers to experiment. Sector: Coffee Shop Area of Activity: Rio Grande do...

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