Isla Sementes – Editorial Plan for Social Media

The company

Isla Sementes is a Brazilian company that has been a pioneer in Latin America in the production, storage and sale of seeds, for over 65 years.
Sector: Seed industry for vegetables, flowers, spices, herbs, trees etc.
Area of Activity: Latin America

Editorial Plan for Social Media

Our challenge

Isla Sementes has had a pioneering sensibility since it began in 1955, in Porto Alegre. The company was the first in the industry in Brazil to invest in storage, in 1964; as well as introducing telesales in 1995 and, five years later, online sales through its website.

Now, the company wanted to continue its efforts and innovation, stemming from production to sales. They wanted to use social media to encourage a healthier eating culture among Brazilians, by sending them educational and motivational content and information.
Therefore, we, at Jazz, took responsibility for making the content more attractive, by creating a special editorial graphic project for the brand on social media, including Facebook and Instagram.

How do you create an Editorial Plan for Social Media?

Once the objectives were agreed, our mission, working with the Marketing team at Isla Sementes, had several stages, including: defining the strategic themes and sub-themes; establish the visual characteristics for each post, so that the user can immediatey identify and assimilate it.


Isla Sementes: The Results of the Project

After we had completed the analysis and research, we developed a new brand manual for social media, which addressed each element to be considered when creating content for the brand’s social media.

The design of the new visual identity for the brand’s social media involved creating and agreeing elements, such as:

– Dividing them into the subjects referred to in editorials;
– Categorizing editorials by color;
– Use of a top hat to reinforce themes;
– Mostly images in the posting area;
– User-friendly and easy-to-read font.

The result not only fulfilled its objectives, it also improved the brand’s positioning and delivery of content on social media.


How do you apply an Editorial Plan on Social Media?

Now that you have discovered why it is important to have a very specific visual and content strategy for social media, find out how to apply it to your brand.
Get in touch with our team and let us make your content more interesting and popular with your audience!



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