The Israelita Brazilian School – “You are the star right now” Campaign

The company

Israelita Brazilian School is an innovative school that combines academic excellence and Jewish values. The IBS is committed to and has a strong history of educating individuals from their first year of life up to high school, so that they can deal with an ever-changing world and any situation they may face.

Sector: Education
Area of Activity: Rio Grande do Sul


Our challenge

The IBS had a weak social media presence and Jazz’s challenge was to show off its academic excellence and help it to exploit its educational advantages. In addition, we also needed to ensure that the School was more widely known and recognized beyond the school community.

Jazz created an Editorial Plan to demonstrate Israelita Brazilian School’s educational excellence, by developing a value proposal and identifying four communication principles.

We created guidelines for producing strategic content that would improve the school’s intended image. Then, we created a Campaign for social media and outdoor media, which was based on heroes and we put the spotlight on everyone involved (students, teachers and the school community).



“You are the star right now” is an affirmation, but it is also an invitation. Our strategy highlighted both of these two points. We placed the excellence of IBS’s teaching on 4 pillars (the teaching model, technology, the environment and Jewish identity), which were the fuel to produce knowledge, energy and inspiration.

Have a look at the campaign’s video on the school


Our Project involved: 

  • New Position
  • New visual identity
  • Creating an Editorial Plan
  • Creating a Campaign Commercial
  • Billboard in the style of the Campaign
  • Activities within the school
  • Publicity on Social Media (Facebook; Instagram; LinkedIn)

Social media

Our social media posts were focused on ensuring the branding reached plenty of people, increasing recognition and ensuring the school community were familiar with the brand.

Our editorials discussed the School`s principle pillars. We had special features for Teacher`s Day and Children’s Day. We also covered Jewish ideas and important dates to introduce them to the non-Jewish community and demonstrate the School’s culture and values.

We also used animation to make the posts more interesting and attractive and created educational web series.


Campaign Results in Figures

Period: Jul 24, 2019 to Jan 24, 2019 (6 months)
A 468% increase, approximately, in hits on social media
3,172,281 hits on social media
A reach of 2,696,637 unique people on social media
New followers: 2,551 followers

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