Azeplast – Market Consolidation and Growth

The company

Azeplast is a manufacturer of flexible film packaging, especially for making trash bags and packaging from recycled material.

Sector: The recycled trash bag and packaging industry

Area of Activity: Nationwide


Our challenge

During the two years working for them, our challenge was to create a better relationship with the brand, giving it a more modern visual identity and leveraging the company’s results on social media and elsewhere.

We took a minimalist approach. We reorganized and re-arranged their information, using solid colors and graphical elements linked to the triangles in the brand’s logo.

30th Anniversary Campaign

We created a campaign to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the company.

For the campaign, we were able to build a better relationship with the company’s external public, and we were also able to work on the company’s endomarketing for the first time.


Watch Azeplast’s 30th anniversary video


Have a look at the Endomarketing video we made for Azeplast

Nosso projeto envolveu: 


  • Implementing and launching a new website
  • Feeding the Base (email marketing and publicity on social media and WhatsApp)
  • Publicity on Social Media (Facebook; Instagram; LinkedIn)
  • Creating ads to increase social media followers/likes and ads to increase traffic to the brand’s website
  • Campaign to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the brand
  • Creating a welcome kit for new entrants to the company
  • Documentary for Endomarketing use and the 30th anniversary campaign
  • Outdoor media for the 30th anniversary campaign

We included animation on social media, to make it more interesting and attractive. We also created web series, which discussed subjects such as: the operation of the factory, recycling and artificial intelligence. They also provided a more intimate view of the brand.

Results of the 30th Anniversary Campaign in Figures

Period: May/2020 to July/2021 (3 months)
A reach of 2,207,308 unique people on Facebook
1,751 website hits in 2014
A reach of 2,943,360 unique people on Instagram
Over 7000 clicks for the Azeplast website.
A reach of 486,502 people on LinkedIn
Total Campaign Reach: 5,968,372


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