Baterias Excell – Nationwide Campaign

The company

The largest manufacturer of car batteries in Rio Grande do Sul, and one of the largest in Brazil. They also have activities in the MERCOSUL and the USA.

Sector: The Car Battery Industry
Area of Activity: International – Brazil, Mercosul and the USA


Our challenge

The Excell brand is a line of replacement batteries that has been on the market for 27 years. They needed to differentiate themselves from the competition both by price, and by the quality of their products. The challenge was to show how the brand had the best cost benefit on the market.

We created a national campaign that focused on the product that best represented the message we wanted to convey, Excell Premium batteries. The campaign took place in those markets with the greatest potential for brand growth and involved free-to-air TV, radio, outdoor media, POS material and social media).


The idea for this campaign was: More power than you’d expect.

Take a look at our 15 sec. campaign video


Nosso projeto envolveu: 

  • 360º Research Project
  • A Campaign for TV, radio, outdoor media, POS material.
  • Creating a Campaign Commercial
  • Billboard in the style of the Campaign
  • Feeding the Base (publicity on social media and WhatsApp)
  • Publicity on Social Media (Facebook; Instagram; LinkedIn)
  • Creating ads to increase social media followers/likes and ads to increase traffic to the brand’s website

The Results of the Campaign

Period: 14 months
47% increase in sales of premium batteries.






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