Weikki – Brand Redesign and Repositioning

The company

Weikki is a manufacturer of uniforms and PPE industry that has been operating for over 26 years and produces products with a distinctive design that is comfortable and provides good protection.
Sector: Uniform and PPE industry
Area of Activity: Nationwide

Our challenge

Weikki was a family business that was bought by the Azeplast Group. Jazz’s main challenge, therefore, was to combine 26 years of experience in the market with the new business vision, to create a more modern and innovative redesign and repositioning. In addition, we also needed to incorporate a new line of PPE products into their portfolio, expanding their types of customers and expanding the brand to other parts of Brazil.

The Weikki brand was created to present a strong contemporary construction, using the thickness of the type, the colors and the connections between them. The brand’s focus is on performance, and displaying more personality. We chose a Visual Identity that would speak to all of Weikki’s stakeholders.

Over two months, Jazz delivered a range of planned material for the Weikki launch campaign, including content and layout for pieces such as e-mail marketing; posts on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin), and online adverts.




Our Project involved:

  • 360º Research Project
  • Designing a new brand
  • New logo
  • New visual identity
  • Design a new Landing Page
  • Strategic Content for Social Media
  • Launch of the brand on digital channels

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